Many have asked if there are any ways to get more involved. One way is to go to Togo and serve alongside us and our team. Is God calling you to go? Has He laid on your heart a burden to help by giving of your time?

Healthcare professionals:

The Hospital of Hope depends upon healthcare workers willing to go for short times to fill in our gaps in coverage. We are always in need of doctors, nurses, surgeons, dentists, midwives, OT/PT therapists, pharmacists, radiology technicians, anesthesiologists, etc. So if you are a healthcare professional and interested in giving of your time to serve, please contact us! We can use you!

If you are a nurse interested in serving in Togo, please follow the link to learn more.

If you are any other healthcare professional interested in joining our team, whether for a short time or career, visit our website for more information.

Other professionals:

Interested in serving, but not in healthcare? There are many other opportunities available to serve in Togo that we’d love to talk to you about! Email us for more information!