I received an exciting package in the mail today…textbooks! I know, this doesn’t seem very exciting but these books are for the 6 week semi-immersion French language course that I will be attending in October and November. I have been working on learning French this summer using an online computer course but am excited for the chance to receive more formal training.

Uh-oh....looks like a lot of studying in my future!

Uh-oh….looks like a lot of studying in my future!

The course is held in Hixson, TN and led by a retired missionary couple who spent 15 years serving in France. I will be heading to Hixson on October 5 and will start class the following morning. Please be praying for me as I try to learn as much French as I can before arriving in Togo.

#D21034 Raised $1,145 towards the $1,847 target. I am also praising the Lord for the addition of several new financial and prayer partners.  I am now 62% supported! Thank you for your continued prayers. If you know of anyone or any churches that would be interested in hearing about my upcoming ministry to Togo please let me know or pass along this website to them. The Hospital of Hope is scheduled to open in 124 days. I can’t wait to be there!